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The new Police and Crime Commissioner Simon Foster has marked Bleed Control Day by promising to continue the roll out of life saving Bleed Control Kits across the West Midlands.

The kits, which contain bandages, tourniquets, gloves and all the equipment needed to stop a bleed from a knife wound, or any other origin.

Over the past 2 years, more than 200 kits had been rolled out across the region into locations where they can easily be accessed. These include bars, shops, restaurants and schools.

Now, the PCC will continue to roll out more Bleed Control Kits to the region to ensure that if there is an incident involving a serious bleed, that members of the public can help to stop it whilst help is on the way.

The rollout of Bleed Control Kits in the West Midlands follows campaigning led by Lynne Baird, whose son Daniel was stabbed to death in Birmingham in 2017. She has since launched the Daniel Baird Foundation which seeks to ensure that bleed kits are made accessible in communities.

Knife crime has doubled in the West Midlands since 2012 and the Police and Crime Commissioner has been keen to ensure these kits are distributed across the region to give victims the best chance of survival.

The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, Simon Foster said: “These lifesaving kits are a simple but clever idea which equips users with the equipment and instructions to save a life.

“I’m pleased to be continuing the roll out across the West Midlands and we work towards our aim of having 400 kits out in communities.

“This wouldn’t have happened without Lynne’s tireless campaigning and I pay tribute to her work. This is a great way to remember Daniel.”

Lynne Baird said: When my son was stabbed, there wasn’t a first aid kit nearby to stop the bleed. Had there been, then Daniel might still be with us today.

“Having these kits right across the West Midlands can save lives. Nobody should have to lose their children.

“When someone is stabbed, getting treatment to stop the bleed as quickly as possible is paramount. These kits help to control the bleed and buy time for the ambulance to arrive.”

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