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The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner is to speak to a group of businesses in Birmingham who are working to reduce violent crime.

David Jamieson attended the meeting at the Priory Rooms in the city centre where the organisations are gathering to discuss ways that they can work together in the future.

Many of them have been victims of violent crime themselves and have chosen to use their experiences to help others in the West Midlands. 

They all share a common goal which is to put something back into society and keep us all safe by working with the police and other agencies whilst also aiming to turn a profit.

One of the firms attending – All for One Partnership – helps young people gain the skills needed to study, volunteer or get a job.

The event is being organised by the School of Social Enterprise (SSE) which works to help all 17 organisations become less reliant on grants and instead becoming sustainable in their own right.

The School for Social Entrepreneurs has been operating in the West Midlands since 2013 and has supported the start-up and development of 198 social business. They in turn have created around 400 jobs, provided 2.2 million volunteer hours and helped almost 60,000 disadvantaged individuals.

Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson said: “Reducing the number of young people involved in violent crime is a priority for me, however, this is not an issue that we can arrest our way out of.

“All members of the community have a role to play in tackling this issue.  I am pleased to see that the School of Social Enterprise are supporting entrepreneurs who are coming forward with innovative social action business ideas that reduce youth violence.” 

Charles Rapson, CEO of the School for Social Entrepreneurs said: “School of Social Enterprise supports individuals and organisations to create a business model that will bring about positive social or environmental change.

“Many of those who we have supported have personal and/or professional experience and are involved in addressing the causes of youth and knife crime.

“Social Entrepreneurs explore creative and effective ways of tackling this growing problem.”

Georgina James, All for One Partnership, current participant on the SSE Midlands Start-Up 2018/19 programme. said: “Having lost family members to knife crime, I am determined to do something that tackles the causes of this senseless crime”.

“All for One Partnership has facilitated a number of community discussions on this topic and we have developed potential solutions to eradicate it. 

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to talk to and potentially work in partnership with the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner and to find solutions that work”.

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