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The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner is challenging the Mayor to go head to head with him in a series of public debates.

Simon Foster wants Mayor Street to join him in front of a public audience and the media to discuss his plans for the powers of the PCC to be transferred to the Mayor.

Mr Street wants the responsibilities and powers of the PCC to be merged with the role of the Mayor following this year’s May election.

The government has recently changed the law to make this possible.

But despite the process seeming almost complete after the government passed the new law, it then decided to launch a last-minute consultation on the planned takeover to seek the views of the public. That decision followed the PCC having challenged the Mayor and the government, because he believed they had broken the law by not consulting the public on the decision.

The launch of the consultation was a surprise, given the public were told the Home Secretary had already confirmed the transfer of powers would happen.

Mr Foster’s intention is that these debates will help raise awareness, stimulate engagement and encourage more people to take part in the public consultation.

The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, Simon Foster, said: “I challenge you Mayor Street to a series of high-profile debates.

“You have long wanted the powers and responsibilities of the PCC, but you failed to ask or even have any regard to what the public want. 

“Therefore, I propose you meet me in three locations across the West Midlands to debate the issue. We’ll each set out our case, argue for and against it and then let the people make their views known in the government’s public consultation.

“If you wish to take part in the debates, then please let me know my 5pm this Thursday.” 

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