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So much has happened this year, with so many achievements, by so many of you, that listing them all would be an impossible task. But there are just a few I’d like to mention.

I’m pleased to say that, as I write this, there are already 211 additional neighbourhood officers walking the beat in the West Midlands. There are dozens more, about to be confirmed in the weeks ahead and it is my intention, each area will receive its fair share of these additional officers.

Violent crime is a significant problem, both here and across the country. That’s why, over the past 12 months, I have invested millions of pounds in robust policing, to ensure that action is taken against people, who are intent on causing harm to others. In addition to that, I have invested in programmes that are designed to prevent violence and to protect young people, who are vulnerable to being exploited by criminal gangs.

I’ve also recruited a new Chief Constable, Craig Guildford, who has been brought in to work with me to prevent and tackle crime, in order to keep people, their families and local communities safe and secure.

I will be holding the Chief Constable to account, to ensure West Midlands Police provide the people of the West Midlands, with the police service they need and are entitled to.

I’ve also been bearing down on people responsible for domestic abuse towards others. My Victims’ Commissioner, Nicky Brennan, and I have spearheaded a campaign called ‘no excuse for abuse’. The rights and welfare of victims must always be a top priority. My aim is to provide victims with support services, to ensure they have access to the right help and support, in the right place, at the right time.

2022 was also a year when I pledged, West Midlands Police would step up and play its part, in building a sustainable environment, by aiming to turn net zero by 2035. As part of that strategy, you can expect to see more electric police cars on our roads and solar panels on police buildings, in the coming months and in the years ahead.

We shouldn’t forget the monumental achievement that was the Commonwealth Games. It was the largest policing operation in the history of West Midlands Police. We could all focus on the sporting action, precisely because our police officers professionally carried out their vital duty of keeping us and visitors to our region, safe and secure. We are all grateful to each and every single one of them, for all that they did for us.

The year 2022, has been an exceptionally busy year, with many challenges, but many achievements too. There is so much more to do in 2023. I am not remotely complacent and nor do I underestimate, the scale of the challenges ahead. Please rest assured, I have every intention of keeping up the constant and unremitting action that is necessary, to keep you, your family and community, safe and secure.

For now though, let me wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Simon Foster

West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner

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