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The government have today announced the funding settlement for police forces in 2022/23.

Today’s announcement confirmed that as part of the government’s police officer uplift programme West Midlands Police will only get back 1,218 of the 2,221 officers lost since 2010. This settlement will still mean that the force will be missing 1,000 officers compared to 2010 levels.

With record inflation levels increasing costs for the force and fresh pressures from national insurance rises, even after a continued efficiency drive West Midlands Police still has a projected shortfall of £7 million in 2022/23.

Following initial analysis of the annual police funding announcement West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, Simon Foster, said: 

“There were two basic tests of this government funding announcement – firstly, has the government put the funding in place to return our 1,000 missing officers; and secondly, has it plugged the black hole in our finances, caused by rising costs and inflation?

“This government has failed both tests and in doing so, has failed West Midlands Police and has failed the people of the West Midlands.

“Since 2010, West Midlands Police has lost 2,221 police officers – 25% of our police officers – as a consequence of central government defunding of our police service. We are only due to receive 1,200 officers back over the coming years. We have simply been asking the government to comply with its own pledge to level-up – and return our 1,000 missing officers to the West Midlands.

“The government is yet again providing us with a stark choice – raise local council tax or face yet further cuts to policing. The effect of central government decision making in recent years has been that the people of the West Midlands have had to pay more local council tax for less local policing. It is clear – there is to be no levelling-up for West Midlands Police or the people of the West Midlands.”

“The government has also instructed PCC’s to look closely at efficiencies in order to make a further £80 million of cost savings across the country. I trust local elected politicians will not forget this instruction over the coming months.”

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