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Today’s statistics show crime is increasing nationally and locally. The West Midlands Police Force area has seen total recorded crime (excluding fraud) rise by 10%, similar to the 8% rise across England and Wales.

The PCC has called for a change in approach from the government on police funding.
West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, David Jamieson, said:

“These statistics show crime is continuing to rise in the West Midlands and the entirety of England and Wales. This further emphasises the need for more police resources which I have been consistently campaigning on.

“I continue to have concerns about the increase in violent crime which has risen significantly in the West Midlands. That is why I am investing £2 million to tackle the root causes of violent crime.
“I am doing all I can to drive efficiencies. I am cutting down on bureaucracy and giving officers the technology to do their job on the move, so they don’t have to come back to a police building unnecessarily. These efficiencies are helping officers spend more time tackling crime and keeping people safe.

“However West Midlands Police has faced £175 million in central government cuts since 2010. Despite being recognised by independent inspectors as a highly efficient force, we have lost over 2,000 officers since 2010, meaning we are having to do more with less.

“These figures highlight the government’s short-sighted approach by continuing to apply real-terms cuts to police forces’ funding at a time when the pressures on policing are increasing. This is hampering proactive policing that prevents crime.

“Even with the challenges we face, we are determined to get on with the job of keeping the people of the West Midlands safe and we are taking tough action. For example the force’s operation to tackle organised vehicle thefts has yielded nearly 1,000 arrests since the Autumn. With more resources from the government and more officers we could do even more.

“Despite warm words from the government we only received a standstill budget this year. The government needs to take note of these statistics and give forces like West Midlands Police the resources we need. These figures are testament to the need for more funding.”

Police Force Area

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England and Wales


West Midlands


Greater Manchester




West Yorkshire


You can see the regional data tables here

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