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The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner will speak on Monday at the launch of Living Wage Week, where the new, independently set, real Living Wage will be announced. He has called on others to do the same as him and start paying staff fairly. West Midlands Police is the only force in the region that pays the real Living Wage, and one of only a handful of forces in the country that do.

The rate is set independently by the Living Wage Foundation based on the cost of living and is higher to the government’s national living wage, which has replaced the minimum wage for over 25’s.

Across the West Midlands, 24% of people earn below the real Living Wage which is above the national average of 21%. David Jamieson delivered his pledge that West Midlands Police would pay the real Living Wage last year. Since then 182 people have been lifted to the real Living Wage within West Midlands Police.

David Jamieson said: “I am proud to have ensured that the real Living Wage is paid in both my office and across the whole of West Midlands Police. I have also ensured that firms delivering contracts for West Midlands Police pay the real Living Wage too.

“It is making a real difference to the lives of staff and is making sure that everybody can have a decent quality of life and earn a wage that meets the cost of living and not just the government minimum wage.

“Fair pay at work doesn’t just help our employees but is good for the regional economy too. That extra money will boost businesses throughout the West Midlands.”

“I’d encourage all employers to take the decision to pay this wage, it will make a massive difference to those individuals who receive it. It sends the message that you care about your employees, you treat them properly and that they receive a proper wage.”

Julian Goddard, who has been a cleaner for West Midlands Police for 17 years and has been helped by the real Living Wage added: “It really does help with making ends meet in a time when costs are rising, it is a nice boost to my wages.

“It’s that bit extra that you wouldn’t get in lots of jobs and it is good to have a fair and compassionate employer. It’s good to know that West Midlands Police and the Commissioner are committed to fair pay and treating staff well.”

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