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The PCC will be hosting his annual business summit on 14th January 2020  at Maple House, Birmingham, B4 6TB.

This year the event will focus on social value and the work that business can do to not only support local communities but also boost their business and profits. The PCC recognises the key role that business has to play in helping get people into work, strengthening the economy and in turn, reduce crime.

This year, the Co-operative will be talking about the importance of social value and how this has had real, positive benefits for their business.

Attendees will also hear from smaller businesses who have managed to support the communities in which they work. Businesses will then be talked through how they can engage with the Police and Crime Commissioner to help people into work, build the local economy and tackle crime.

This is a statutory meeting in which the council tax policing precept for will be discussed.

For the 2020 Business Summit we will focus on the theme of social responsibility and how businesses across the West Midlands have a vital role to play in supporting social good in society.

Mark Kenyon, Chief Finance Officer will outline the policing budget and precept for 2020-21

This event is for all businesses in the region interested in having a social impact as an employer as well as engage with West Midlands Police to learn more about how to most efficiently and effectively report crime and take measures to prevent being victims of crime.

Please join us for an evening which will be informative but most of all will provide businesses the opportunity to do social good!

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