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The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner will be hosting a Fraud Summit, in collaboration with the APCC, with fellow PCCs, people from across policing and business representatives.

The summit is aimed to explore what industry, the police and PCCs think the future direction of tackling fraud should be. Out of this summit we want a series of recommendations around governance, victims services and resourcing that we can work against to help solve the national fraud crisis.

Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner Waheed Saleem said:

“Over half of all the crimes committed in the UK in 2018 were categorised as fraud. The City of London estimates the cost of fraud to individuals and businesses last year was in excess of £900 million. However the credit service agency, Experian, puts the cost of fraud to the UK economy on an annual basis as closer to £190 billion. HMICFRS’s investigation into fraud found significant improvement are required across policing.

“The policing response to fraud is inadequate and too many people are let down by the current system.

“We need a collective national response to tackle this crisis and that’s why we are bringing together PCCs, policing and the wider financial and business sectors to agree actions that will increase the confidence of members of the public that we are taking this issue seriously”

We are expecting this summit to take place in early February.

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