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West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson’s reaction to the Police Grant Report England and Wales 2016/17

Following initial analysis of today’s announcement West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson said:

“As I previously predicted police funding has been cut. Local police forces are facing real terms funding cuts of 2.3%, so policing has not been protected as the Chancellor said during his Autumn statement. For West Midlands Police that means that we will be given £2.5 million less than last year to keep the people of the West Midlands safe.

“The government have made it clear, they want PCC’s to fund the gap with a rise in council tax. The government want local people to dig deeper to pay for their cuts. The government are giving local forces less money than last year and clearly want taxpayers to fund the difference.

“We are not where we were in the Summer but, this funding announcement still leaves me with very difficult decisions to make.”

Police Grant Report England and Wales 2016/17 key tables:

Table 4: Provisional revenue allocations for England and Wales 2016/17

Local Policing Body


HO Core (incl Rule 1)

Welsh Top-up


Ex-DCLG Formula Funding

Legacy Council Tax Grants (total from HO)


West Midlands




West Midlands Police received £452.6 million in government funding last year, and the above table means that West Midlands Police will receive £450.1 million this year from the government.

A £2.5 million cut.

Table 2: Police revenue funding 2016/17

Government formula funding


cash change percentage from 15/16


real change percentage


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