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Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson calls on the government to make sure that West Midlands Police gets a Fairer Funding deal ahead of a key parliamentary debate on the issue on 9 September.

On 9 September MPs will debate ‘Funding for West Midlands Police’ in parliament, following on from the news that over the last five years West Midlands Police have received cuts that are twice that of other forces according to the independent National Audit Office.

Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson is increasingly worried, that despite this the West Midlands may be singled out again for further disproportionate cuts, above and beyond what has already been outlined.

The Westminster Hall debate on ‘Funding for West Midlands Police,’ will come only days before a crucial government consultation on the funding formula ends on 15 September.

West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson said,
“To deal with the huge and disproportionate budget cuts that we have faced we are reviewing every element of our policing effort and putting in place a plan to keep the public safe within the budget we currently have.

“That was an extremely difficult task considering that we will have cuts of around 45 per cent between 2010 and 2020. What concerns me is that further disproportionate cuts, above that and above what other forces have faced will make that task even more difficult. As such the government must recognise that it is both unfair and irrational to single out the West Midlands in this way.

“Independent analysis shows that the West Midlands has faced cuts of 23%, compared to 12% in Surrey.

“It is clear that crime is changing not falling, and the issues that we are increasingly dealing with such as child sexual exploitation, radicalisation and cyber crime require more intensive, detailed police work. The government needs to consider that when reviewing the funding for police forces.

“I have raised this issue with government many times and will continue to stand-up for the West Midlands and fight for a fairer deal.”

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