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The Police and Crime Commissioner has written to the Mayor and the government warning them that the way they are attempting to merge the role of PCC and Mayor could be unlawful.

Simon Foster has, for a long time, disagreed with Mayor Street over his plans to transfer the powers of the Police and Crime Commissioner to the Mayor.  

Earlier this week Mayor Street announced that the Home Secretary had approved the Mayor’s unilateral decision, taken on behalf of the Combined Authority and all its members, to seek a merger of the roles at next years’ May election.

PCC Foster has urged Mayor Street and the government to abandon their hostile takeover plans.  

PCC Foster says if the merger plans don’t stop he will seek a judicial review. This involves a judge examining whether a decision made by a public body complies with the law. It specifically looks at whether the public body has acted lawfully, rather than determining whether a change is right or wrong.

The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, Simon Foster, said: “I have repeatedly advised Mayor Street not to proceed with this cynical, divisive and undemocratic power grab.

“Sadly, the Mayor has refused to listen.  Now it turns out that the Mayor may have made the decision unlawfully.  He has left me no alternative, but to begin legal proceedings.

“The Mayor and the government must act in accordance with the law. It is the very least that the public expect and I intend to ensure that is exactly what happens.

“It is, however, not too late. The Mayor can withdraw his request to transfer the powers of the Police and Crime Commissioner to the Mayoralty in May. I trust that is exactly what he will choose to do.”

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