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This month marks 10 years since the first Police and Crime Commissioners were democratically elected by the people, across England and Wales, in November 2012.

The job of Police and Crime Commissioner is clear. I am here to make sure your police force delivers the service you expect. I prepare a Police and Crime Plan, set the budget, decide on the level of council tax you pay for policing, provide services to victims of crime, hold the police to account on your behalf and much else besides. 

In the last decade, PCCs that came before me have delivered significant achievements, to prevent and cut crime. Amongst many other matters, PCCs helped ban dangerous zombie knives from our streets, pressured multi-billion-pound car manufacturers to tighten electronic vehicle security, introduced hundreds of new police cadets to the region and protected PCSOs from being scrapped.

Since being elected in May 2021, top of my list has been rebuilding community policing, by hiring an extra 450 neighbourhood police officers for our region, to keep people, their families and communities safe and secure. I will ensure your community gets its fair share of officers.

The prevention and reduction of violent crime, including knife crime is a top priority. In addition to robust policing, we have now spoken to more than 50,000 young people in our region’s schools, to raise awareness and provide education about the dangers of knife crime. I have placed youth workers in A and E Departments, to provide young people with a route away from a life of violence.

We must combat violence against women and girls and domestic abuse. That is why I appointed a Victims Commissioner, increased Domestic and Sexual Violence Advocates from 31 to 80 and have invested in safer streets.

I have focussed on the prevention of crime, tackling one of the main drivers of shop lifting and burglary, by getting people addicted to drugs, into treatment. That is because, the prevention of crime is always better than having to deal with the consequences of crime.  

Much has been achieved. However, I will never be complacent. I believe in the need for a democratically elected Police and Crime Commissioner, directly accountable to you. My top priority will always be constant and unremitting action to ensure justice, safety and security, for all of the people and communities of the West Midlands.

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