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The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner is funding an initiative which will see young people from the region’s poorest areas try their hand at skiing and snowboarding, as part of a drive to reduce violence in our region.

David Jamieson is spending part of a government grant – allocated for the sole purpose of cutting crime – on the innovative project which targets 13-21 year olds. 

The youngsters travel to the Snow Dome in Tamworth to have a go at snow sports over a 2 day period.

For every hour they are on the slopes, they will spend the same amount of time in the classroom, taking part in life-skill sessions, focussing on independence, responsibility, confidence and self-esteem.

It is just one of a wide range of projects funded by the PCC which aims to reduce violence and cut crime.

The activity programme will raise aspiration amongst some of the region’s poorest communities.

The money can’t be spent on police officers. 

The scheme hopes to reach more than 100 young people from across the region this summer and some will continue to work with the charity until next June. It is designed to enable young people to reflect on the key issues impacting their day-to-day lives, and helps them develop new skills to support their futures.  

Snow-Camp programmes also offer young people a chance to gain an accredited qualification, such as Snow Sport England Snow Life Award, ASDAN Sports and Fitness certificate and a Snowsport England Level 1 Instructor Qualification.

The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson said: “It is pleasing to see how funding can be used to provide new and exciting activities for young people from communities with high levels of deprivation.

“Engaging young people in sports and keeping them off the streets has proven to reduce violence on many occasions.

“The activities on offer will help build confidence, life skills and keep youngsters on a positive path.  

“The Snow-Camp programme will offer support to those at risk of getting involved in negative behaviour and provide them with the opportunity to gain qualifications.”

Chris Walsh, Snow-Camp Midlands Programme Manager added: “Snow-Camp provide an alternative approach to engage young people, by providing an energising environment at artificial ski slopes in the UK in order for them to build relationships and gain employment.

“Our programmes require initiative, individuality and courage and therein lies the attraction and challenge providing a much-needed complimentary service to youth service providers and youth clubs.

“Giving young people positive opportunities can turn their lives around.”

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