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Strategic Policing and Crime Board member Cath Hannon has been awarded a Professional Doctorate in Policing, Security and Community Safety.

Cath is a former West Midlands Police officer, starting as a bobby on the beat in Handsworth and concluding her career 32 years later as Detective Superintendent. During her time in the force, she fought against crimes including paedophilia, kidnapping and extortion, anti-social behaviour, terrorism, organised crime, gang violence and child exploitation.

Dr Hannon, who has sat on the PCC’s board since its inception, said: “An eight-year academic journey led me to the Barbican Centre in London to receive my doctoral award. Doctor Cath Hannon sounds impressive but you would be amazed at the personal ailments people now want to share with me.

“Eight years part-time study, a full-time job, family bereavements and life in general all contributed to the stress of trying to maintain an academic interest for so long.

“Was it worth it? At my graduation, yes it was. On other occasions I questioned my motivation and reflected on my absence from family events as I crafted my dissertation.”

Dr Hannon’s dissertation is entitled ‘Managing a Risky Business: Developing the professional practice of police and probation officers in the management of high risk offenders’ and is an exploration of relationships, tensions and collaboration opportunities between the two services.

She added: “I am very grateful to the participants who shared their thoughts and time to support to me. Thank you and I hope you are pleased with the outcome.

“This is the culmination of a personal challenge which has developed my knowledge and critical thinking, enhancing my ability to contribute to my current role with the PCC.”

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