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Harborne Police Station: Statement from the West Midlands Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

The decision to dispose of Harborne Police Station was taken, in public, in March 2018. A public engagement exercise took place at that time. That decision was confirmed publicly in both November 2021 and again in October 2023.

Also in October 2023, it was announced that Quinton Police Station, which had since March 2018 been due for disposal, would be retained and refurbished.  The Neighbourhood Policing Teams based at Harborne Police Station would be re-located to Quinton Police Station. Consideration is being given to the establishment of an emergency response hub at Quinton Police Station.

These decisions reflect the independent, impartial, and operational policing judgment and recommendation of the Chief Constable and West Midlands Police. Preventing, tackling and reducing crime and the safety and security of the people and communities of Harborne is a top priority for West Midlands Police, as it is for all of the people and communities of the West Midlands. 

Choices have had to be made between maintaining police officer numbers versus police buildings. West Midlands Police continues to have fewer police officers than in 2010. The WMP Estates Strategy and receipts from disposals help maintain police officer and police staff numbers, and secure the financial viability of West Midlands Police. Without this, up to 860 police officer posts would be at risk.   

Careful consideration will be given to maximising social value, before any disposal takes place.

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