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Police officers who are violent towards women or girls can expect to be sacked.

It comes after the misconduct guidelines have been changed by the College of Policing.

Below is a statement from the Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner and Victims’ Commissioner.

The West Midlands Victims’ Commissioner, Nicky Brennan, said: “It is absolutely right that police officers who are violent towards women or girls will be sacked under the new College of Policing guidance.

“There have been far too many occasions where officers who have displayed this behaviour have gone on to commit further offences.

“This was never clearer than in the horrifying murder of Sarah Everard by a serving Met Police officer.

“There is no place for officers who are violent towards women and girls in the police force. They should face the most severe sanctions.

“It doesn’t matter if you are on or off duty, any officer involved in violence of this kind, grooming of vulnerable victims or engaging in sexual impropriety or harassment should face the harshest penalty.”

The West Midlands Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner, Tom McNeil said: “I am pleased to see the College of Policing has updated its guidance so police officers who are found guilty of being violent towards women and girls are sacked.

“The Police and Crime Commissioner recognises that women and girls are far less likely to come forward to report abuse if there is a possibility that the police officer they are reporting a crime to may also have committed abuse themselves.

 “This guidance needed updating so a consistent approach can be taken across the country and so officers who commit these offences are rooted out and removed from post.

“We must do much more to protect women and girls from violence and this small, but important, step is the right thing to do.”

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