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The West Midlands Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner has celebrated 550 years since the birth of Guru Nanak.

Waheed Saleem attended an event organised by the National Sikh Police Association (NSPA) at the College of Policing in Ryton.

To mark the event Waheed Saleem presented a plaque to the NSPA.

The APCC has attended numerous events across the West Midlands celebrating the birth of Guru Nanak.

The Sikh community has made a significant contribution to the West Midlands and the APCC is proud to recognise that contribution.

The Guru was born in 1469 and his life and teachings continue to be an inspiration for millions of Sikhs and non-Sikhs across the world.

The Police and Crime Commissioner is committed to promoting diversity in West Midlands Police and determined to make the force look like the community it serves.

Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner Waheed Saleem said: “I am pleased to present this plaque to the National Sikh Police Association to commemorate 550 years of Guru Nanak.

“One of the key teachings of Sikhism is to support the local community and would encourage people of all faiths to do more positive work in their local area.

“I am proud that we have a number of police officers from the Sikh community and we are in the process of recruiting so would encourage people to apply to join the police family”.

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