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West Midlands PCC David Jamieson and Assistant PCCs Ashley Bertie and Councillor Judy Foster are backing the second annual National Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week 2017.

The week, which will spread the message that any form of sexual abuse or violence is unacceptable, will run from February 6-12.

Individuals and organisations across the country will be hosting events, campaigns, conferences, training and social media activities that get the word out there that ‘It’s Not OK’. The #ItsNotOK hashtag will signpost people to all the information on social media.

Assistant West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner Councillor Judy Foster said: “Sexual abuse and violence are often hidden crimes lurking behind closed doors.

“But the only way to tackle these crimes is to shine a light on them and confront them head-on.

“That is why we are happy to back National Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week 2017: anything that brings these crimes out into the open and also lets victims know they are not alone must be supported.”

Organiser Yehudis Goldsobel (CORR) added: “We need to put this topic at the forefront of the national conversation and not be afraid of it. Only then can we address prevention and change.

“Anyone’s who’s been affected by sexual abuse or sexual violence needs to know they are not alone and that action is being taken.

“We also want perpetrators to now it will not be tolerated and we will all speak up about it – the shame lies only with them.

“All forms of sexual abuse and sexual violence are totally unacceptable and we want to get this message across.”

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