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Following initial analysis of the police funding announcement West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson said:
“Despite warm words over the last few months, this is once again a disappointing settlement that falls a long way short of what police forces require.

“West Midlands Police or other local forces across the country will not receive a single extra penny from the government. Local police forces will not benefit from this announcement, there is no new money in this announcement for local forces. In fact it is a real terms cut.

“Just to standstill West Midlands Police requires an extra £22 million. This announcement falls well short of that number.

“Crime and the threats that the country faces are rising. Police forces therefore require additional funding to meet that demand.

“The government expects council tax payers in the West Midlands to pay millions more, at a time when wages are stagnant and living standards are squeezed.”

In 2017/18 West Midlands Police received £444.1 million. In 2018/19 West Midlands Police is due to receive the same figure. Therefore there will be a real terms cut in government funding once inflation is taken account of.

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