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Christmas card 2014

Christmas Message to Police Officers and Police Staff from Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson and Deputy Commissioner Yvonne Mosquito:

This has been a challenging year, not least because of the significant changes we face as we adapt to reducing resources and new ways of working.  Yvonne Mosquito and I are hugely grateful, on behalf of all West Midlands residents, for all you do to protect us and keep us safe, and the doughty and positive way you maintain the standards of service the public expect. 

Thank you for your sterling response to the EDL rally, NATO summit and Conservative Party conference earlier in the year, and the way you are responding to newly identified issues via the expanded Public Protection Unit. 

The year ahead will see us move forward with the WMP2020 programme with Accenture.  This will become increasingly vital as we adapt to reducing resources by improving how we work, and introducing the new technology that will both support you and enable you to offer a service that meets current and future demand.

Thank you again for your service and commitment to the people who live and work in the West Midlands.

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