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The Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner – Waheed Saleem – is calling on companies across the West Midlands to follow the lead set by a group of firms in Wolverhampton who are taking the initiative and tackling crime that affects businesses in their area.  

The Wolverhampton Business Crime Reduction Group is run by the Director of McAuliffe Group.  

It has received funding from the PCC and other partners to help it reduce business crime.

Anna-Maria McAuliffe’s firm prepares brownfield sites for building companies, but was hit by, what she describes as, a ‘relentless spate of crime’. Thieves rammed vehicles through her front door to steal machinery, drained diesel from her lorries and trashed her offices.

That was enough to drive Anna-Maria to act. Understanding only too well the impact this kind of crime has on communities and businesses alike, in 2016 she helped set up the Wolverhampton Business Crime Reduction Group. That group has concentrated much of its efforts on helping companies based on industrial estates and surrounding areas.

By working together, the businesses have been able to make cost effective changes to help prevent crime. These include, repairing gates, sharing CCTV systems and following a new ‘shared lock up’ procedure. The reduction in crime of 77% now means that one business says it can afford to expand and create a further 5 jobs.

The Crime Reduction Group is also focusing on helping firms stay safe online.

The Police and Crime Commissioner has agreed to fund a new Business Crime Reduction Co-ordinator to help drive down crime across the West Midlands.
On Thursday (4th July) the Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner will meet with other businesses from across the West Midlands to urge them to work with each other and the police to keep crime down. 

Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner Waheed Saleem said: “This event will be an opportunity for businesses to hear from experts on how they can work together with the police to help reduce crime in their area.

“We have seen the success of a shared model in Wolverhampton which has seen a significant reduction in crime and is allowing businesses to thrive as they should be.”

Anna-Maria McAuliffe, Wolverhampton Business Crime Reduction Group (WBCRG) Chair and director at Wolverhampton-based specialist environmental contractor, McAuliffe, said: “The success of WBCRG shows just what can be achieved when businesses come together and help each other to fight business crime.

“This event is a great opportunity for retailers to discover the simple steps they can take to protect both themselves and their neighbours, and I’m looking forward to sharing our learnings as part of Wolverhampton Business Crime Reduction Group.”

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