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The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner says he’s ‘delighted’ no significant gender pay gap exists in his office.

In fact, women working in the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner are paid slightly better than their male colleagues.

As of December 2017 David Jamieson’s team consisted of 35 staff, of which 22 were women and 13 were men.

The average hourly wage of the women working in the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner is £1.44 more than the men. It means women are paid 7.2% more than their male counterparts.

On average, nationally, men are paid 18% more than women and there has been growing pressure on organisations to correct the imbalance.  

Commenting on the pay within his office, David Jamieson said: “The simple truth is that women and men should be paid equally for doing the same work.

“I am very pleased to report that the women and men in my office are not discriminated against based on their gender.

“I have noted that West Midlands Police force does have a gender pay gap of 8% and I will be scrutinising them closely to ensure they reach the standards expected”.

The work on the gender pay gap at the PCC’s office builds on other equality work including ensuring there is a diverse mix of employees from a wide range of ethnicities. 

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