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Sixteen young people have been chosen as the West Midlands’ new Youth Commissioners.

The election took place over a two week period with just over five thousand votes cast from people across the region.

The Youth Commissioners will advise the Police and Crime Commissioner on law and order issues affecting children and teenagers. They will also be asked to represent the views and stand up for the rights of young people within the police force area.

Each borough in the West Midlands will be represented by two Youth Commissioners who will serve a two year term.

As well as speaking directly to the PCC the volunteer Youth Commissioners will liaise with police officers, decision makers and youth organisations about crime, justice and victim services.

They will also be asked to challenge the force when it fails to live up to expectations.

Voting took place online and in person at schools, youth centres and community centres.

The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, David Jamieson, said: “I’m delighted to have 16 new Youth Commissioners elected and in post.

“These young people will play a very important role in keeping younger generations safe.

“It is their responsibility to brief me on the views, concerns and worries of young people.

“I rely on these Commissioners to tell me when problems emerge so I can ensure something is done.

“They are my eyes and ears on the ground and play a crucial role in keeping everyone safe.”

Connor Fowler has been a Youth Commissioner for the last two years, he said: “My time as a Youth Commissioner has been invaluable.

“It is great to be the voice in your community that represents other young people.

“I’ve presented in front of the PCC and Chief Constable, been on regional TV and have had hundreds of conversations with people of my age.

“The role really empowers young people to challenge our police service and to stand up to those around them.

Youth Commissioners will be asked to consult young people on the PCC’s Police and Crime Plan, liaise with other teenagers and children and build relationships with the police.

Anyone who wishes to contact their Youth Commissioner should email [email protected]

Your new Youth Commissioners are:

Anaya Pala (15 years old)
Hunza Hussain (13 years old)

Navera Parwez (15 years old)
Samson Iyanuoluwa Ayodeji (18 years old)


Emerson Hanslip (16 years old)
Georgia Whitehouse (16 years old)


Kareena Ratti (15years old)
Hammad Khalid (16 years old)


Mariam Sohail (18 years old)
Harvind Grewal (17 years old)


Khatira Hakimi (17 years old)
Brandi Jaie Thompson (17 years old)


Husnaa Mota (17 years old)
Deepti Sapkota (17 years old)


Becky Brown (17 years old)

Thomas Gilleran (17 years old)

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