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West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson is to meet with Home Office minister Karen Bradley MP next month as he takes his battle against the sale of ‘zombie knives’ to the heart of government.

Mrs Bradley, who is the Government Minister for Preventing Abuse and Exploitation, has agreed to meet with the Commissioner in London on March 2 to discuss the sale of the dangerous weapons. She also confirmed the government is ‘considering whether to take legislative action against zombie knives’.

With names such as Head Splitter, Death Dagger and The Skinner, the knives have no practical usage whatsoever and are being increasingly used on our streets by criminal gangs. One Metropolitan Police officer recently reported to the Commissioner that he is finding the weapons ‘almost daily now’.

The Commissioner wrote to both the Home Secretary and the Chief Executive of Amazon UK calling for the total and immediate ban of the sale of ‘zombie knives’. Questions were also tabled in Parliament by local West Midlands MP, Ian Austin, who will also be attending the meeting.

West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson said: “I’m pleased the government is taking this issue as seriously as I am and I’m looking forward to meeting Karen Bradley next month.

“The meeting is a crucial step towards a full ban on the sale of ‘zombie knives’. These weapons have no practical usage whatsoever and the sooner they’re off the streets once and for all, the better.

“I am also encouraged by what I’ve seen on Amazon recently. Following my letter, there has been a reduction of the number of ‘zombie knives’ appearing on their pages and security measures appear to be even more robust. I am also calling on other retailer to follow suit.

In her letter to Mr Jamieson,  Karen Bradley MP said: “I share your concerns about the sale of ‘zombie knives’ and how they can be seen as glamourising violence. As you point out, these knives have no place on our streets and could be very dangerous and I welcome the action you are leading in the West Midlands against these knives.

“I would like to sure you that reducing violence including knife crime is an important priority for the government. We are also considering whether to take legislative action against zombie knives.

“As you know, it is important that there is an effective operational response by police forces. We are therefore supporting action against knives being planned and co-ordinated by a number of police forces, including West Midlands Police, for the half-term week in February. This will involve targeting habitual knife carriers, weapon sweeps, test purchases of knives from identified retailers and use of surrender bins, such as those across the West Midlands.”

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