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There may be specific criteria for individual funding opportunities.  However, there are basic essential criteria which apply to all.

Please see examples below which may save time and effort and provide transparency around expectations.  This list is not exhaustive, for more detail, an example of a grant conditions agreement can be found here: 

Example of Conditions of Grant Document

Before making a bid please check that you / your organisation / group can comply with the essential criteria.


  • The Commissioner is a supporter of the Real Living Wage.  All recipients of grants must pay, as a minimum, the real living wage to all its (or their, as applicable) employees, staff or contract workers.
  • Depending upon the nature of the project, grant recipients must be able to demonstrate that various policies are in place.  These may include:
    • An equality and diversity policy
    • Data Protection policy
    • Child Safeguarding policy
    • Vulnerable Adults Safeguarding policy
  • In relation to Safeguarding, DBS checks must be produced if and when requested by the OPCC.
  • Recipients must keep all invoices, receipts, accounts and any other relevant documents or materials of any kind or format which relate to the funding and submit these on request.
  • Recipients will be expected to report back to the OPCC on expenditure of the funds and delivery of the project/s when requested.
  • Grants can only be spent on the items and activity which have been agreed from the bid and subsequent grant conditions agreement.